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About NTNU Postgraduate School

Nile University of Nigeria Postgraduate School was established in 2014/2015 session after the approval by National University Commission. Administratively, it is structured into two units namely, Office of the Dean and the Secretariat.  The University comprises of three faculties that is Faculty of Arts, Management and Social sciences, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences and Faculty of engineering. All faculties have established postgraduate studies ranging from Postgraduate Diploma to Doctoral Degree. The postgraduate school curriculums are in line with the Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards requirement by National University Commission.

The main objectives of postgraduate school are to:

  1. Develop, in graduate students, the spirit enquiry through training and research.
  2. Create an atmosphere of intellectual independence and individual creativity.
  3. Train manpower in areas that will complement state and national efforts for socio-economic development.
  4. Produce skilled manpower for the advancement of the nation in science technology.


A candidate seeking for postgraduate admission in the Nile University of Nigeria must fulfill the following requirements;

Five o’level credits passed in WAEC, NECOm, NABTEB or GCE (o’ level) or their equivalent, including English language and Mathematics at not more than two sittings.

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Discharge Certificate or letter of Exemption.

Three referee reports.

Admission into the postgraduate diploma degree programme shall be opened to graduates of the Nile University of Nigeria or any other approved University with appropriate degree of Bachelor in any discipline and candidates holding the Higher National Diploma with upper credit shall also be eligible for admission. Candidates with similar qualification but with a lower credit shall be eligible for admission provided they satisfy the Board of Postgraduate School by scoring a minimum of 50% in a qualifying examination administration by the University, may still be considered on individual merit.

  1. Duration of Course   

The duration of the programme shall be minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 24 calendar months for full time study a minimum of 24 calendar months and a maximum of 36 calendar months for part-time study.

  1. Graduate Requirements
  • To graduate, candidates must register for courses carrying not less than 36 credits and not more than 40 credits and must earn a minimum of 36 credits including all compulsory and required courses. In addition, candidates must score not less than 50% in the weighted average of the best 36 credits which must include all compulsory and required courses.
  • The final determination of the award will be based on the overall weighted average marks scored in all courses and have the following classification:

  • Distinction- 70% and above
  • Credits - 60% - 69.9%
  • Pass- 50% - 59.9%
  • Fail - 0 - 49.9%


For the M.A., M.Ed., M.Sc. and LL.M, graduate of the Nile University of Nigeria or any other approved University with appropriate University degree of Bachelor and at least a Second Class (Upper Division) Honours or equivalent.

However, graduate of the Nile University of Nigeria any other University who achieved a lower classification of the degree of Bachelor less than a Second Upper, may be admitted provided they satisfy the Board of Postgraduate School by scoring minimum of 55% in a qualifying Examination administered by the University. Notwithstanding the above, for the MPA programme, candidate with professional qualifications such as HND (Upper Credit) with a minimum of five years post qualifications experience are admissible provided they score a minimum of 60% in qualifying examination administered by the University.

Candidates for the MBA (Executive) programme are required to possess a degree from a recognized University or hold professional qualifications approved by Senate e.g. HND (Upper Credit) ICAN, ACCA, ACMA, AIB, ACIS, etc and have at least five (5) years post qualification experience in the case of degree holders and at least eight (8) years for HND and other approved professional qualifications. All candidates for this programme (MBA Executive) must be in Full-Time employment in relatively senior management position.

  1. Duration

For the M.A., M.Ed, M.Eng. M.Sc., the duration shall be a minimum of 12 calendar months and a maximum of 36 calendar months for Part-Time students

In the case of MBA/MPA, the duration shall be a minimum of 18 calendar months and a maximum of 30 calendar months for Full-Time and a minimum of 30 Calendar months and a maximum of 60 calendar months for the Part-Time, and the MBA (Executive) students.

On the expiration of the maximum duration, a candidate may apply for not more than a 12 months extension to the Board of Postgraduate School and thereafter for one more year.

  1. Arrangement of Courses
  1. Course – work and instruction for all Masters Degree Programmes shall be by courses quantified in terms of credits and numbered 651-750.
  2. A credit shall represent 15 hours of lecture or 45 hours of practical (or a proportional combination of the two).
  3. Notwithstanding (b) above, in the case of courses which instead of lectures or practicals consist of Seminars, Projects, Fieldwork, Oral or written reports and Discussion Groups, course outlines shall clearly set out such requirement and the appropriate credit value subject to the approval of Senate.
  4. Courses shall last one or two Semesters and shall be examined at the end of the semester in which they are completed.  
  5. For every Masters Degree Programme, there shall be Compulsory, Required and Optional courses provided that the number of Compulsory and Required courses shall not be less than 20 or more than 25 credits.
  6. Every course shall be examined by continuous assessment of 40% and an End-of-Courses Examination of 60%.
  1.  Conditions of Award

Candidates for the M.A; M.Ed.; M.Eng.; M.Sc. must register for courses carrying not less than 30 credits and not more than 36 credits and must earn a minimum of 25 credits including all compulsory courses. In addition candidates must score not less than 50% in the weighted average of the best 30 credits which must include compulsory and required courses.

For the MBA/MPA, to graduate, candidates must register for courses with a minimum of 46 and 45 Credits and a maximum of 52 and 51 credits, respectively.

  1. Subject to (III c) above and in addition to course –work, each Masters Degree candidate is required to submit a Research Project Report on a topic approved by the Department.
  2. The work of each candidate shall be examined for by a Panel of Examiner consisting of the Head of Department who shall be Chief Examiner and the Supervisor for the student’s project and other postgraduate teaching Staff as may be appropriate and External Examiner approved by the Board. In the event of a disagreement between examiners, the External Examiner’s decision shall be final.
  3. Where necessary, composition of examiners for Masters Degree Oral Examination shall include the external examiner, the Head of the Department (as Chairman) and the supervisor (or one other member of staff when the Head of Department is sole Supervisor) and the Departmental Postgraduate Programme Coordinator. In the event of a disagreement between examiners, the decision of the External Examiner shall be final.
  4. For all Masters degree programmes by course-work, there shall be a compulsory course designated Research Project carrying 5 or 6 credits and another Required course designated Seminar carrying 1 or 2 credits. Candidates must satisfy examiners in both courses. The pass mark shall be 50% in all cases.
  5. Four unbound quarto-size copies of the Dissertation Report shall be submitted to the Head of Department in preparation for Examination. If so advised, the Report shall be corrected in line with the decision of the Panel of Examiners before the final hard-binding of 5 copies which must be in any colour other than black. After due processing, the Faculty shall submit the Examiner’s Report along with their copies of the hard-bound dissertations to the Secretary of the Postgraduate School. Copies of the Report so submitted shall become the property of the University.

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