Academic Incentives Regulations



Article 1. Aim

This document regulates the academic incentives (awards and supports) offered at Nigerian Turkish Nile University (NTNU).

Article 2. Content

The regulations cover all the full time and part time academics, and administrative NTNU staffs' activities mentioned in Article 5.

Article 3. Abbreviations

SCI: Science Citation Index

SSCI: Social Science Citation Index

AHCI: Arts and Humanities Citation Index

Article 4. Procedure

  1. The Authors applies to Dean through HOD to be submitted to the Research – Grant Committee.


  1. The lecturer applies with the related materials (trip documents, copy of the printed full text paper or a document stating that the paper of oral presentation will be printed in full on a specified date range, certificate of participation) attached to the letter. Oral presentation should be for only NTNU; otherwise it shall not be paid. The Committee goes through the application and reports to the VC on the issue.


  1. If the conference application is accepted by the committee, the incentive amount paid is accepted as advance and it will be deducted from his/her salary. When the staffs send the documents (which show the attendance letter, flight tickets etc) to the Office of Human Resources’ it will not be deducted.


  1. The document (which shows the quality of the article) should be added to the application letter.


  1. In case there is more than one author, the amount will be divided by the number of all the authors involved in the paper.


  1. It is obligatory that the name of the university (Nigerian Turkish Nile University) is acknowledged by a statement on the paper presented or the book published. And author should be the presenter for only NTNU in the article or oral presentation. If it is written another University name with NTNU, It shall not be paid.


The incentive figures are mentioned in Article 5.


Article 5. Academic work to be rewarded (scientific articles, presentations, books)

                A. Scientific Articles: Review / Original articles/ Letters to the Editor / Case Studies

      1. Papers published       in SCI, SSCI, AHCI journals:                                 N 150,000.00

      2.Papers published        in international refereed journals:

                                            a-  Other index except SCI, SSCI, AHCI               N 50,000.00

                                            b-  Without index                                               N  15,000.00

      3.Papers published        in national refereed journals:                              N 7,500.00


                        B. Presentations: Oral presentations (congress and symposium etc)

            1.  Oral papers presented at international peer review conferences (congresses, symposiums) abroad: only travel allowance (flight tickets) shall be paid but participation and accommodation fees shall not be paid. Poster presentations and workshop attendance shall not be paid. The payment is for only once a calendar year. It should be applied one month in advance for incentive. Human resource office will buy flight ticket.

2.  Oral papers presented at international conferences (congresses, symposiums) within the country: N 15,000.00 (for only once a calendar year.)

3.  Papers oral presented at national conferences (congresses, symposiums) within the country:

N 10,000.00 (for only once a calendar year.)

4.  NTNU will offer incentives for only one paper presented in the same conference (congress, symposium).

5.  No extra payment will be made for the trip, conference participation, and/ or accommodation.

            C. Books

Books should be more than 100 pages. Books with no bibliography will not be accepted.

1.  Books                 : N 25,000.00

2.  Chapter in Books: N   7,500.00


Article 6.This regulation shall take effect on the day of its acceptance by the Senate.

Article 7.The provisions outlined in this document are executed by the Vice Chancellor.

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